Packaging line 2

Packaging line for the packaging of Marzipan breads of various dimensions and marzipan half-bodies.

Packaging line 2
Packaging line 2

Data & facts

The gentle handling of products with a soft core of marzipan and a thin chocolate skin is one of the most important requirements in this packaging line.

Description of operation
  • Takeover of the products after the cooling tunnel
  • Row alignment with revolving belt
  • Row removal by means of double-pull-nose principle (especially Gentle on product) and delivery in transport chain
  • Takeover from the transport chain and assemble the half eggs
  • Transport to the wrapping machine in transport pucks
  • Foil unwinding for double wrapping (inside Aluminium / outside Plastic film) with splicer and LOT data printing
  • Wrapping machine in balcony design – wrapping of the products in continuous motion (especially gentle on the product!)
  • Robotic loading of the sales boxes
  • Supply and delivery of the sales boxes
220 products / minute

Types of packaging

Double twist folding
Double twist folding