High performance packaging machines for high-quality
wrapped chocolate products

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  • Universal and flexible packaging machines for hollow figures
  • Universal and flexible wrapping machines
  • In- and outfeed systems – for every product group the right solution
  • Sorting and grouping systems
  • Storage und buffering systems
  • Conveyor belts for the food industry
  • Labelling and marking systems

Pharma & Cosmetics

Packaging machines, handling and
assembling of medical devices

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  • Loading and Feeding Systems
  • Sorting and Grouping Systems
  • Carton and Tray Erectors for special formats
  • Storage Systems
  • Labelling Systems
  • Assembly Systems
  • Special mechanical engineering
top engineering made in germany

Welcome at Stampac

Stampac is a German packaging machine manufacturer with over 45 years of experience. With innovative and intelligent technology, various products are packed with very high performance and extremely high-quality. As a full-service provider, Stampac also has a wide range of machine modules for the in- and outfeed, buffering and marking.

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Be creative, be colorful

Our umbrella packaging in cornet packages
add a pop of color to your product line


up to 550 / Minute

Gentle packaging of coated chocolate products
with irregular shapes


up to 800 / Minute

Packaging products with non-shaped, flat backside
with high quality and high speed



We are looking for you to join our team!


up to 550 / Min

High speed and high quality—
Packaging machines for chocolates Made in Germany


Leko-Lup eco

Twist packaging in ecological materials


Stampac TC 400:
Packaging speed new defined

The latest generation of our packaging machines, puts your chocolate product into pre-formed aluminum foil. This allows us to achieve very high packaging speeds and very smooth results.

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I love creating additional value for the customer—with smart design and customized service.

Employee at Stampac


We are proud of our customers and happy when we help businesses succeed. Become a part of this list and write your own success story with our highly efficient and modern packaging machines Made in Germany. This is an excerpt of satisfied customers: