Packaging line 1

Packaging line for packaging of chocolate bars with mint filling, including production of the packaging from the film roll LEKO-NIW1

Packaging line 1 Packaging line 1 Packaging line 1 Packaging line 1

Data & facts

  • Takeover of the products directly from the coating system / production plant
  • Alignment of the rows with the LEKO VE series aligner
  • Separation of NOK products
  • Allocation of the product flow on two machines
  • Completion of the production flow with reload form the LEKO paternoster storage system
  • Folding and gluing of glassine sachets
  • Insert the products in the sachets
  • Horizontal stacking of filled bags
  • Insert the product stacks into the compartments of the transport chain
  • Inserting the stacks with the glassine shaft in boxes
1,040 products / minute

Types of packaging

Packaging line 1 Paper bags
Paper bags