Row feeder


Data & facts

The Row feeder LEKO-PKB is specially designed for use in the chocolate industry. It can load a very high number of products (up to approx. 800 per minute) into the packaging machine with a small footprint.

  • Very high feeding performance in highest precision
  • Smallest footprint
  • Optimised for your feeding tasks
  • The LEKO-PKB is optimised for the intermittent product transfer into a continuously running pocket conveyor
  • a large number of applications is available
up to 45 rows / minute; up to approx. 800 products / minute
Integration in the layout of the machine possible (space-neutral for your production floor)

Types of packaging

LEKO-PKB Cornet package
Cornet package
LEKO-PKB Chocolate bar
Chocolate bar
LEKO-PKB Double twist folding
Double twist folding