Infeed System for flat bottom products


Data & facts

Gripping module and Product infeed system for products which are supplied in rows.

LEKO-EB – conveyor feed

From the forming belt / cooling belt on the feed belt of e.g. a wrapping machine

LEKO-EBK – pocket conveyor loading

From the forming belt / cooling belt directly loading into a pocket conveyor. The products are aligned by guides, positioned, spread according to the pitch of the pocket conveyor and placed into it. The LEKO-EB system has been developed especially for sensitive and / or products which can move on a belt.

Product samples
  • Chocolate bars
  • candy
  • eggs
  • hearts
  • and much more
up to 60 rows / Minute
Chocolate Enrobing Lines, Hollow figure production lines
Format range
Conveyor width 600 / 800 / 1.000 / 1.200 mm
adjustment to customers requirements

Types of packaging

Chocolate bar
Chocolate bar
Bottom folding
Bottom folding
Bottom folding
Bottom folding